The Korean Association of
Gerontology and Geriatrics

Past Events

Dancing for Seniors

The Longevity Dance and Gymnastic was developed in 1995 by the Aging and Apoptosis Research Center(AARC) and Seoul National University College of Medicine. It is supported by Korea Health and Science Foundation. This program has been distributed in association with the AARC and the Longevity Dance & Gymnastics. Distribution Committee, which is a subsidiary of the Federation of Korean Gerontological Societies. This is a senior health gymnastics program which we call ‘Uri Chum Chejo’. It was developed to make traditional dance suited to the physical constitutions of older people and also to help them feel pleasure while engaging in it. It has been spreading rapidly throughout senior welfare centers and facilities because it is a unique kind of healthy gymnastics that all people can enjoy during their daily lives without any equipment, anywhere in their town or village, whether rich or poor, and irresepective od their gender. Three steps of this program have evolved as it has been developed: ‘Haemaji’, which is the 1st step, ‘Arirang’, which is 2nd step and ‘Sagunja’ which is 3rd. in 2005, the 4th step called ‘Sakye’(meaning ‘four seasons’)was developed. The 4th step was designed for people who live together with nature through out the four seasons in order to make theid actions more suitable for healthy gymnastics and the results have proven successful. Owing to the synthesis of the dance’s beautiful movements and healthy gymnastic, a number of performance invitations cane from the overseas, and such performances have been given severa times at international events.

Healthy Senior Award

The object of this event is to select and award healthy smart seniors who take some active role/part in their community and enjoy a sound life. In addition, the aim is to set a good example for others and bring conviction to the aged in their future lives.

Annual Meeting

Because the Federation of Korean Gerontological Society has been founded to maximize the synergy effect of research results gained through the scientific exchange and cooperation between scholars and academic societies, it makes a great point of holding global academic conferences every year so that all the members societies can participate in.

19th Congress

The 19th World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics is scheduled to be held in Paris, France between July 5-9, 2009. The theme is longevity, health and wealth. Detailed information about this congress is provided on the homepage at http://www.gerontologyparis2009.org

20th Congress

The Forum on Aging Society is an open academic symposium for experts, specialists and the general public as well. It is organized for study and in-depth discussion about the social problems being faced by aging societies in the 21st century and presents national policy proposals to take proper measures for dealing with this issue.